Windmill Cycle Club Special Event

Windmillers riding the trails in the Surrey Hills

Surrey Hills Sunday

Organiser: Nic Bulois

Date: Sunday 10th November, 2019

Location: Peaslake, Guildford GU5 9QW

Ride Details:

Date: Sunday 10th November 2019

Ride Start Time: 11:00am

Ride Start Location: Hurtwood Car Park No.2, Walking Bottom, Peaslake, Guildford GU5 9QW

Go Green: Let's get there in as few cars are possible - please offer a Windmiller a lift, if you can. Thanks.

The Surrey Hills are probably the most accessible "challenging" terrain from lovely Hitchin and we try and visit them twice a year in the Spring and the Autumn - there are old friends there like "Barry knows best", "Evian", "Supernova", "Yogurt Pot", "Telegraph Hills" & "Summer lightning" and we always try to visit them all (and discover new ones).

The day combines some gnarly, steep down hills trails with lovely more cross-country style riding: we always try to accommodate to everybody's tastes: the group might split depending on preferences in the afternoon.

Always a blast and sure to bring a smile to everybody's face!

Additional Useful Info:


Service your bike, or at a minimum check that it has newish brake pads and the gears are fine. Fingers crossed for balmy sunshine, or at least not pouring rain – this trip will anyway go ahead regardless. Just check the weather forecast before heading off, and adjust your clothes accordingly
Try to get as many cycle miles in as you can, pre-trip.
Bring some warmer clothes, and a spare layer/rain jacket to carry on the ride. Weather can quickly change there, and don't underestimate the potential for a cold wind on top of the hills. Given a lot of the riding is fairly remote, make sure you ride with enough water and snacks.

What to bring

Must have spare bits for your bike:
Rear mech hanger (this tends to be unique to your bike, and can easily be damaged by a rock); chain link (hard to fix a broken chain without it); inner tubes; pump; if running tubeless tyre patch/stans fluid/CO2 inflator & cartridges.
Nice to have spare bits:
Extra set of brake pads, spare gear cable; oil lube; cycle energy gels are great for tired legs on long rides. They really can make the difference between finishing a ride or crashing out. Always have some spare with you. It would be good if someone can volunteer to bring first aid basics.

We've built up a great list of essential equipment through trial, error and experience out on the trails. Click here to visit out Essential Equipment page.