Cheeky Tuesday

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Cheeky Tuesday

Start Location:
16.5 miles
1145 ft
WCC Index:

Cheeky Tuesday


These are a little different to the Sunday or Thursday rides. "Cheeky Tuesdays" are ridden a lot quicker, with no stops (unless we have a mechanical) meaning you need to either be match-fit, or at least darn determined to keep up.

If you can't keep up, you'll get 'dropped' so you'll need to know how to get back under your own steam (Note - this is not how we usually roll).

The route offers a fine mix of open bridleway and twisty single track over 17 miles, with just 1220ft of climbing and descent.

Fancy finding your limits? Fancy feeling like your lungs are going to explode? Fancy trying to beat the current moving average of 13.5mph over the 17 miles? No? What? Not for you is the Cheeky Tuesday...

But if you're thinking maaaayyyyybeeeee... give it a go. It's fast, it's furious and it's Fun with a capital F.

Always an extra to the weekly TNR or Sunday rides.