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If you thought Mountain Biking in Hertfordshire can't be that tough... come and join us and find out it's anything but flat out there! Pretty much all rides out of Hitchin start with an uphill struggle, but it gets the blood flowing and the heart pounding and once you're 'up there'... things get a bit easier.

We're not an official 'club' and as such, we don't carry any public liability insurance. If you choose to ride with us, you do so happy in the knowledge that mountain biking can be a dangerous sport. We'll never push you to do anything beyond your ability. Our more experienced riders are always happy to share their expertise to help you improve your technique.

It can seem like hard work at first, because it is! If you haven't ridden for a while then it will take 6 to 8 weeks before things start to 'click' and where, at first, you may have walked your bike up that hill, you'll soon find an enormous sense of achievement as you get to the top through pedal power alone. See you on a WindmillCC ride soon, you'll be made very welcome.

Please bear in mind that every rider you'll meet on a WCC ride was a 'newbie' at first. We hope to make you feel very welcome when you turn up and ensure you have an enjoyable time. Do let the lead rider know it's your first ride as faces change often and they don't always know who hasn't ridden with the group before.

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Everything you need to know about where and when we ride locally.

Ride Start Location

The X-Windmill Public House
Charlton Road, Herts SG5 2AE

Rides leave from the X-Windmill Public House in Charlton Village, just outside the centre of Hitchin. The Windmill Pub is currently closed, pending locals to rally support to get it back up and running again.

We still use the location for the majority of our ride starts though, as it affords access to some excellent local trails and bridleways which start in Charlton village.

Thursday Night Rides

Start Time: 7:30pm
Location: Windmill Pub, Charlton

Thursday Night Rides (TNRs) are excellent fun and tend to be around 17 miles, although less in the winter months. A decent front & rear light set and a helmet are 'must-haves' for the Thursday night rides.

Rides usually finish at the Half Moon Pub in Hitchin, but we'll always make sure 'newbies' are returned to the Windmill if you're unfamiliar with the local area. Just shout and we'll help.

Sunday Rides

Start Time: 09:00am
Location: Windmill Pub, Charlton

Sunday rides are anywhere between 15 and 30 miles, depending on the time of year and the weather conditions on the day.

Sometimes we stop along the way for refreshments. We're normally back in Hitchin Town Square around midday for post-ride frothy coffees and cake. As with the Thursday rides, if you need help getting back to the Windmill, just shout.

Note that we ride in all conditions and have some great routes that stand up to the worst of Winter, so join us anytime throughout the year.

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