Thursday Night Rides

Sunday Rides

Start Time: 09:00am

From: Windmill Pub, Charlton

Sunday rides are anywhere between 15 & 30 miles, depending on the level of fitness of riders who turn up. Sometimes we stop along the way for refreshments. We're normally back at Hitchin Town Square by midday, for post-ride frothy coffees and cake.

If you thought Mountain Biking in Hertfordshire can't be that tough... come and join us and find out it's anything but flat out there! Pretty much all rides out of Hitchin start with an uphill struggle, but it gets the blood flowing and the heart pounding and once you're 'up there'... things get a bit easier.

We're not an official 'club' and as such, we don't carry any public liability insurance. If you choose to ride with us, you do so happy in the knowledge that mountain biking can be a dangerous sport. We'll never push you to do anything beyond your ability. Our more experienced riders are always happy to share their expertise to help you improve your technique.

It can seem like hard work at first, because it is! If you haven't ridden for a while then it will take 6-8 weeks before things start to 'click' and where, at first, you may have walked your bike up that hill, you'll soon find an enormous sense of achievement as you get to the top through pedal power alone. See you on a WindmillCC ride soon.

Ride Start Location

Rides leave from the Windmill Public House in Charlton Village, just outside the centre of Hitchin. For a link to Google Maps, click here.

WindmillCC – RIDE INFO

Start Time: 7:30pm

From: Windmill Pub, Charlton

Thursday Night Rides are excellent fun. We keep the distance to about 15 miles, mainly using off-road trails and local bridleways.

A decent front & rear light and helmet are 'must-haves' for the Thursday night rides.

Rides finish at various locations (Pubs!) in Hitchin, but we'll always make sure 'newbies' are returned the Windmill if you've left a car there and are unfamiliar with the local area.

Welcome to the

Windmill Cycling Club, based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire...

We've teamed up with Decathlon to bring super discounts to the WCC...

Equipment you'll need to ride with the WindmillCC...

Essential kit... (you'll also need a bike!)

A decent helmet

Not so much for if (and when) you fall off, more for the low hanging branches we encounter when riding in the woods. You'll hear the shout of 'heads'... but if you don't!

A strong front light

There are lots on the market and you can spend silly money on a bike light if you want to. If you're not sure, come along to a Sunday ride first and find out what other riders recommend. Top Tip - If it's rechargeable - remember to charge it!

A bright rear light

An easier choice this. Lots to choose from out there, but you don't need to spend any more than £10 on a rear light that will keep you safe on the occasional country lane.

Pump & inner tube

Someone will get a puncture on nearly every ride. So it's essential to have a spare inner-tube and a bike pump to get you back on the trail in no time. We'll always lend a hand if you're not too sure about fixing a flat.

Nice to have, but not essential...

A waterproof jacket

Inevitably we get caught in the rain on summer and winter rides so it's best to pack a light waterproof just in case. Also useful at the pub afterwards!

Cycle specific shoes

As you progress you may want to invest in some 'cleats' and cycle shoes. These will improve your stamina as they let you pull up, as well as push down, on those pedals.


Sunglasses in the summer (doh!) and clear glasses for the night rides really help keep bugs and bits out of your eyes. They're also great when blasting through the trees.


Summer or winter, gloves take the strain off your palms and when you have the occasional 'spill' you'll be glad you're wearing a pair.

WindmillCC Special Events...

Throughout the year we try and organise something a bit different, on and off the bikes. These have included:

Weekend trips to Afan, Wales, one of the best dedicated mountain biking centres in the UK

Special Sunday Rides to Swinley Forest and other brilliant one-day ride locations within easy reach of Hitchin

BBQ Events with and without a bike ride

The Windmill Pub

Set in the Hamlet of Charlton,

the Windmill Pub is currently closed, pending planning permission to turn it into a private residence. We still use the location for the majority of our ride starts though, as it affords access to some excellent local trails and bridleways.

Charlton Road



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