Swinley - Blue Route To Red Start

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Swinley - Blue Route To Red Start

Start Location:
Swinley Car Park
3.6 miles
180 ft
All year
WCC Index:

Swinley - Blue Route To Red Start


Not really a route in itself, more of a route to a route! We ride Swinley Forest on group visits throughout the year and this little route helps get us out to the 'good stuff', though it's also great fun in itself.

Swinley is a fantastic place to ride, with a maze of trails through natural pine forest. It's quite sandy, so it rides well throughout the year, but head there on a sunny Sunday morning and you'll be very well rewarded.

Car parking can get very busy, so it's best to get there early if you are planning to ride at the weekend. Do it though and you will not be disappointed.